Food Safety

Food Safety & Regulations

The Dallas Group is committed to providing superior value to its customers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and have developed the expertise and programs necessary to manufacture the safest, purest and highest quality products.

The Dallas Group’s innovation Center is staffed with degreed chemists, engineers, and technicians ensuring that all products and raw materials meet global specifications for quality and purity. Selected staff routinely participates in the AOCS Approved Chemists Program and has been awarded Proficiency Program Winner status in AOCS’s NIOP Fats and Oils Program.

The Dallas Group’s commitment to Food Safety is evidenced by:   

  • Implementation of HACCP-based Food Safety programs
  • Staffing with GFSI Food Safety ​Specialists including certified Food Defense Coordinators and SQF ​Practitioners.
  • Continuous education in food safety issues and monitoring of the ever-changing FDA requirements
  • Food Safety training of all Dallas Group employees on a monthly basis
  • Monthly internal auditing process to verify compliance with GFSI Standards and to drive ​Continuous ​Improvement
  • All ​products are traceable – from raw ​materials, through ​processing, ​packaging, and shipment to our ​customers
  • Independent third party audits
  • Continuous improvements based on audit observations
  • Supplier ​A​pproval ​P​rogram complete with a ​Supplier ​Rating ​System and ongoing supplier ​audits to ensure the ​safety of our ​supply ​chain.
  • Only certified, potable drinking water is used in the manufacture of our products