Food Safety

Food Safety & Regulations

The Dallas Group is committed to providing superior value to its customers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence and have developed the expertise and programs necessary to manufacture the safest, purest and highest quality products.

The Dallas Group’s innovation Center is staffed with degreed chemists, engineers, and technicians ensuring that all products and raw materials meet global specifications for quality and purity. Selected staff routinely participates in the AOCS Approved Chemists Program and has been awarded Proficiency Program Winner status in AOCS’s NIOP Fats and Oils Program.

The Dallas Group’s commitment to Food Safety is evidenced by:   

  • Implementation of HACCP-based Food Safety programs
  • Staffing with GFSI Food Safety ​Specialists including certified Food Defense Coordinators and SQF ​Practitioners.
  • Continuous education in food safety issues and monitoring of the ever-changing FDA requirements
  • Food Safety training of all Dallas Group employees on a monthly basis
  • Monthly internal auditing process to verify compliance with GFSI Standards and to drive ​Continuous ​Improvement
  • All ​products are traceable – from raw ​materials, through ​processing, ​packaging, and shipment to our ​customers
  • Independent third party audits
  • Continuous improvements based on audit observations
  • Supplier ​A​pproval ​P​rogram complete with a ​Supplier ​Rating ​System and ongoing supplier ​audits to ensure the ​safety of our ​supply ​chain.
  • Only certified, potable drinking water is used in the manufacture of our products

The Dallas Group of America, Inc. provides high quality specialty chemicals to demanding industries such as the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

The Dallas Group is committed to providing safe and effective products to its customers that meet or exceed recognized regulatory standards. Our main products, MAGNESOL® and DALSORB® are the world’s leading frying oil filtration medium for restaurant and industrial use. Studies show that filtering oil with MAGNESOL® and DALSORB® actually improves the nutritional value of frying oil compared to unfiltered used frying oil and oil filtered through conventional diatomaceous earth filter aids.[1]

To ensure that our products meet the various regulatory requirements around the world and to navigate the often confusing and complex regulatory environment, The Dallas Group retains the legal services of Keller & Heckman, a globally recognized law firm specializing in food regulatory matters, with offices in Brussels, Shanghai, Washington DC, and San Francisco. Keller & Heckman provides expert counsel related to food safety & regulatory issues regarding the use of Dallas Group products and providing our customers with the advice and assurance that our products are not only safe, but also meet appropriate legal requirements. This is just one of the many value added services that distinguishes The Dallas Group from the competition.[2]

[1] Perkins, E.G., and C. Lamboni, Magnesium Silicate Treatment of Dietary Heated Fats: Effect on Rat Liver Enzyme Activity, Lipids 33:683-687 (1998)


[2] FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) / WHO (World Health Organization) prepared at the 74th JECFA (2011) and published in FAO Monographs 11 (2011)

At The Dallas Group of America, Inc., we are committed to protecting our Customers’ brands by exceeding customer expectations in each of our global facilities while manufacturing quality food, feed, and pharmaceutical grade chemical products. In support of our Core Values, at each of our global facilities, we have mandatory processes and procedures in place for our trained personnel to ensure that all products are manufactured:

  • In full compliance with all currently applicable and developing laws and regulations
  • With innovative, sustainable, and hygienic processes that protect and respect our customers, personnel, and the environment
  • With a global vision of exceeding all safe food requirements
  • With Product Safety and Quality Systems which are assessed regularly, to provide valuable feedback to drive our process of Continuous Improvement

This commitment is evident through the implementation of programs that conform to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards .